We are a retail store dedicated to selling tabletop games and game supplies while providing a safe and fun environment to the public. The company will strive to foster and maintain an active community of players, and enthusiasts, for tabletop games. These games do not include video games as may be typified by arcade, pool tables, pinball and darts, but are of a more intellectual, and strategic, nature that appeal to a broader age group. To this end tables are available to try out new games, and enjoy old favorites, while our staff helps with questions and examples of correct play. The free play space will be used to test market new products with our customers as well as providing a place where are customers can come to play the games they already own.


Discordia Games, Inc. was founded by Logan Wakefield and David Lavender with the intention of selling and testing high quality, innovative, entertaining games, and the space to play them. Partially because they wanted to ensure they would always have something good to play and partially because they believed that the face-to-face gaming experience was valuable to people, and currently threatened with extinction.

We began as a small sole proprietorship business that started in a 1,000 square foot retail space in March of 1996. In October of 1997 the store moved to a facility on 4th and Pacific in the heart of downtown Bremerton. The location had over 8000 square feet of space, but much of it was unusable due to city code compliance issues between the city and the landlord.

During our time at the downtown Bremerton location we became a class C corporation incorporated in the state of Washington. This occurred in August of 1998. In the fall of 2004 we were forced to move from the downtown facility to a 3000 square foot facility on the upper floor of the Cary Building, on the outskirts of downtown Bremerton. It now resides in a 5,000 square foot facility on Callow Avenue that the corporation moved to in September 2007.